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Thank you for visiting the Linden Funeral Home website. We welcome you and hope that our site will assist you in learning more about our funeral home and the services we offer. We are dedicated to providing outstanding quality customer service to the families that we serve. The death of a loved one is always difficult and we know that funerals are one of the most important ceremonies in life.  Having a well-planned service plays an important role in the healing process and becomes the bridge between the past and the future. Our trained staff will provide you with information and choices, so you are able to make well-informed decisions about our funeral services.

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Our experienced staff understands each family’s unique circumstances and is dedicated to helping families in their time of loss and grieving. We are an independent, family-owned and operated funeral home located in Linden, Tx. Click below to learn more.


Our services are available to anyone experiencing the death of a loved one. We offer a variety services and helpful information to you get through this trying time. We are dedicated and experienced professionals who takes pride in what we do. Click below to learn more.


Our goal is to honor your requests and pay tribute to your loved one in a ceremony that best captures their spirit and legacy. Whatever your heart desire to ensure your loved one is taken care of, we are here to assist you and your family. Click below to learn more.


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