Selecting the Right Burial Vault 

Linden Funeral Home staff will work with you in choosing the best burial vault for your loved one.  Many cemeteries across the United States and the world have strict regulations requiring their graves be installed with burial vaults. This is particularly the case in low-lying areas or where the underground water table is near the Earth's surface. In the view of cemetery managers who enforce these mandatory burial vault policies, the main purpose of a burial vault is to support the landscaping on the surface. Burial vaults keep the ground from caving in around a burial casket as it slowly disintegrates over time, and thereby helps grounds keepers avoid the inevitable indentations and holes that would certainly appear throughout the cemetery grounds as graves age. 


Bronze Vault

Copper Vault

Stainless Steel Vault

Veteran Vault

Venetian Vault

Cameo Rose Vault

Monticello Vault

Citadel Vault

Continental Vault

Basic Concrete Vault